hongkong chronicles: little hongkong

usually when we hear about hongkong, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the place itself is a shopping mecca.  though it was my first time to visit the place, i never thought about it that way and instead chose to stay on a suburban part of hongkong, in aberdeen.

aberdeen is located in the southern part of hongkong island.  i had to take a bus from the international airport to get there, to take a cab was too expensive so i resorted on the bus ride which i happened to enjoy despite the several stops it had to drop off and pick up passengers.

the serviced apartment i stayed in was walking distance to the harbor where the “boat people” can be found.  these are locals who still chose to live and work on “junks”.  i spent some time watching them and observing their activities.

they would prefer spending their daily lives in the junks rather on the tall residential buildings on the other side.  one thing for sure, they do not have to pay rent!

i have read that this is a fully functional fishing village.  people get their livelihood from fishing and fresh supply of fish in hongkong comes from here.

i went back to the rented service apartment i stayed then found out that the reception had some available tickets to ocean park.

for HKD 260.00, i bought one to visit the next morning.

i ate for dinner the food i bought at a 711 store near the apartment. i had microwaveable chicken in lobster sauce, some chewy crablets (loved this!), and tofu pudding.

i went back again to the harbor, to appreciate the place at night-time.

aberdeen’s cantonese name, heung kong tsai means “little hongkong”.

16 responses to “hongkong chronicles: little hongkong

  1. even in one of the shopping districts of asia, poverty exists 😦

    on a lighter note, i’m curious to know how your tastebuds rated those chewy crablets. are they sweet? salty? spicy?

    paki-post na ang ocean park. 😀

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