can’t hurry love

“you can’t hurry love . . it will come at the proper time. you should pray for the right one for you.”

from fr. melvin castro, of the CBCP’s episcopal commission on family and life

.. i’m not actually in a hurry, but many times i have fallen in love and thought the person was already the right one, but was not.

.. maybe i should start including this in my nightly prayers to god. happy heart’s day everyone!

balloon boy


” . . . we did this for a show. “

from 6 year old kid, falcon heene, during a live interview with cnn when asked by his father the question – “why didn’t you come out?”

the heenes’ set off a massive search operation after reporting to authorities that one of their sons was carried away by a home made balloon made of aluminum foil and plastic trash bags.  it was then found out that falcon hid in their home attic and the balloon drama was a hoax.