monasterio de tarlac liturgical paschal triduum

Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion

7:30 am – Stations of the Cross

7:00 am to 5:00 pm – Liturgy of the Word and Rite of Veneration of the Relic of the True  Cross of Christ

6:00 pm – Adoration of the Cross & Solemn Evening Prayer of the Lord’s Passion




Black Saturday

7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Liturgy of the Word and Rite of Veneration of the Relic of the True  Cross of Christ

7:00 pm – Easter Vigil Mass at the Plaza




Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection

8:00 am to 10:00 am – Confession

10:30 am – Pilgrim Mass at the Plaza

3:00 pm – Holy Mass (Chapel)


directions to the monasterio (coning from luisita) can be referenced on my old post:


oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha

oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha? is a sinhala phrase that means do you speak english?

everytime i travel to another country i try to learn or write into a piece of paper some important phrases that can be handy – say if i got lost on my way to my accommodation or which transport to take.  by experience, i have been lost in kuala lumpur and spent walking around for almost an hour trying to locate the hotel i was supposed to stay and have asked like six people who had directed me into the wrong way, haha!  or when i was in hanoi where i can no longer remember which street my hotel was for it became confusing and considering the dizzying motorbikes running around.


my last solo travel was in india and though my lust for travelling never ceased, changes of my work schedule and some health issues prevented me from accomplishing my travel plans.  I wanted a trip to cambodia and had flight tickets to laos which i wasn’t able to use.  i told myself that year 2013 will not pass without me going somewhere.  this mid-october i will visit the wonder of asia – sri lanka.


my itinerary includes visit to key cities of colombo, kandy and galle.  it is worth mentioning that one of my main goal is to see the sigiriya rock fortress.  i will be using airbnb on some of my accommodations and it will be a first for me to use their service.  airbnb is an online service that provides a platform for individuals referred to as “hosts”, generally private parties, to rent unoccupied living space and other short-term lodging to guests.


i will be taking a flight from my workplace here in the mideast to colombo and train rides to kandy and galle.  so i think that sounds like – a plan.  hehe.  goodluck to me!

india chronicles: the golden triangle

a few days from now is my schedule for days off from work here in the gulf and i will be flying straight to new delhi coming from bahrain.  i have included in my bucket list for the year (see 10 things i have not done before, 2012) a visit to india particularly, the famous tourist circuit, the golden triangle.  i am glad that i will be able to do this – as the scottish philanthropist thomas guthrie quoted . . “do it now”.

the golden triangle covers three interesting cities of india which consists of delhi the national capital, jaipur the pink city, and agra, where taj mahal is located.  my plan is to spend 8 days to visit these three cities: first stop is delhi then travel to jaipur by plane.  after three days return to delhi then travel to agra by train, and after three days again return back to delhi. 

visiting india is a dream and i have always wanted to see the taj mahal.  for me it is too majestic, almost hypnotically magical.  keep posted on my next entries on my solo backpacking tour (first time that i will use a backpack – honestly!) to the golden triangle. 🙂

blog birthday giveaway

it has been three years since i started my blog.  i’ve  never thought that people will actually be interested reading it.  this blog and other blogs became my escape when i get bored or when i get homesick here where i work.

as a form of gratitude, i am choosing one of my readers whom i will give a ‘gift’ to celebrate my blog anniversary.  i chose her because i have always loved her blog and have been following it for almost a year now.  when she blogs about the places she have visited, she does it so vividly!  she blogs about her life experiences which makes her ‘real’ for me.  she also always takes time to comment in my posts, i thank her for that and i want her to feel that her efforts are rewarded, hehe.  one more thing, she’s almost been to a lot of places around the world but wala siyang yabang !

so, who is this blogger?

it’s kg of bahay ni kumareng grace!  i still remember my first comment on her blog about those hotel towels being used by her sister as floor mats!  haha.  congratulations grace, this is your gift from sensory replays:

a 5-course original italian meal at la dolce vita bar and restaurant, bel-air makati for two worth P1900 (valued at P3800)!  i purchased two transferable vouchers from ensogo for you grace!  i have sent them thru your e-mail, please confirm if you have received it, enjoy! 😀

monasterio de tarlac holy week schedule of activities

i noticed i get a lot of views from my posts about the monastery (monasterio de tarlac, revisiting the monastery) and some might be checking out the schedule of masses for the holy week.  i revisited the monasterio last month and was able to take note of their activities for this lenten season which can be of use for those devotees planning to visit the place.

Palm Sunday

10:00: Blessing of palms at the Resurrection Garden;  10:15: Commemoration of Christ’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem (Procession from the Garden of Ressurection to the Plaza);  10:30: Holy Mass at Monasterio Plaza;  15:00: Blessing of Palms (Shorter Rite), Holy Mass and Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Holy Monday

05:00: Penitential Rosary Procession; 06:00: Community Mass; 10:30: Pilgrim’s Mass; 15:00: Liturgy of the Word and Rite of the Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Holy Tuesday

05:00: Penitential Rosary Procession; 06:00: Community Mass; 10:30: Pilgrim’s Mass; 15:00: Liturgy of the Word and Rite of the Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Holy Wednesday

05:00: Penitential Rosary Procession; 06:00: Community Mass; 10:30: Pilgrim’s Mass; 15:00: Liturgy of the Word and Rite of the Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Holy Thursday

07:00: Liturgy of the Word and Rite of Veneration of the Relic of the Holy Cross (Scheduled as follows 07:00, 08:30, then every hour to 15:30);  16:30: Mass of the Lord’s Supper; 18:00: Paschal Triduum.

Good Friday

07:00: Via Crucis, Veneration of the Relic of the Holy Cross; 15:30: Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Veneration of the Cross.

Holy Saturday

07:00: Rite of Veneration of the Relic of the Holy Cross (Scheduled as follows 07:00, 08:30, then every hour to 17:30); 19:00: Easter Vigil (Blessing of Light, Liturgy of the Word, Blessing of the Baptismal Water / Baptism and the Holy Eucharist).

Easter Sunday

10:30: Open-Air Mass at Monasterio Plaza and Veneration of the Relic;  15:00: Holy Mass at the Chapel.

goin’ malay

i have been home for days off for nearly two weeks now but had to stay at the house due to a bad infection i suffered. i’m still thankful though that it happened here while i’m home and not where i work. good thing i’m better now for my flight for my first “lone backpacking” will be this coming week. so where am i going? i’m going to have a week visit to – malaysia.

my initial plan is to visit three key places of malaysia namely, kota kinabalu, penang, and kuala lumpur which will be my last stop. i have researched a little about spots to visit in kota kinabalu and kuala lumpur and will just maximize the limited time i have but not to the point of stressing myself out for i want this to be a leisurely trip. i have not planned anything on penang for my doctor-bestfriend-instant tour guide, docgelo has everything organized for me, hehe.

my transportation will all be by air (cebupac and air asia) and accommodations have been pre-booked to avoid the hassle of looking for a place to stay. travelling alone is not new for me and getting lost is a usual thing i always experience! i get lost in airports looking for gate numbers, i hate trains for i jump out on the wrong station and i am a magnet for cab drivers who are total asses. i have this habit of asking about three or more persons on directions for i am very poor on reading signs and notices, lol!

anyway, i’ll just do this and have fun and stay safe. 🙂 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ i have received four entries for my bloggy blog contest. thank you for joining – docgelo, chyng, kg and pm. and the winner of the mini travel speakers is.. prinsesa musang for her post “what to do in an orthopedic clinic“. she deserves to win out of the endless purring i got from her that she should be the winner, hehe.

congrats pm, i’ll send you an e-mail for your contact details, will send your prize through courier. of course the three bloggers who joined also have something from me. i just revisited monasterio de tarlac yesterday and got these beautiful scented red beads rosaries. docgelo, chyng and kg will have one.

watch out for my blog anniversary give-away this coming may. i’m giving out cool prizes again exclusively for my blog followers. 😉

bloggy blog contest

i just woke up this morning and thought of posting a contest for my blog. 😉 if you are thinking that it’s my blog anniversary, well it’s not. sensoryreplays is going to be three years old this coming may and this giveaway is just a teaser, lol!

the contest is simple to be able to join and win a cool prize. you just have to post any topic in your blog (a recent travel, a restaurant review, etc.) that will include the words (emphasized in the body of your post) – seen, heard, smelt, felt, tasted which is what my blog is about.. easy huh?! this is what the winner, on whom i will personally choose, will get..

it is a mini travel speakers from powertraveller (brand new, bought from dubai duty free)!

get superb sound from these mini lightweight speakers. slim and portable they are ideal for travel and using with digital music players. the black acrylic face is both attractive and hard-wearing and can be protected with the handy travel pouch. a 3-way power system allows you to operate the speakers by battery (approximately 10 hours continual play), mains power supply or USB. 4xAA batteries and a USB cable are supplied so you can simply plug and play. for use with all ipods, mp3 players, dvd and psp’s, portable cd players and laptops.

any blogger with a philippines address can join and must link this post in his/her entry, or comment below with the link so i will know that you joined. you must have posted your entry before friday, 18 march. winner will be announced the next day. it’s either i will send thru courier the prize or meet with the winner personally (if both our schedule permits!).

i will wait for your posts, goodluck! 🙂