oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha

oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha? is a sinhala phrase that means do you speak english?

everytime i travel to another country i try to learn or write into a piece of paper some important phrases that can be handy – say if i got lost on my way to my accommodation or which transport to take.  by experience, i have been lost in kuala lumpur and spent walking around for almost an hour trying to locate the hotel i was supposed to stay and have asked like six people who had directed me into the wrong way, haha!  or when i was in hanoi where i can no longer remember which street my hotel was for it became confusing and considering the dizzying motorbikes running around.


my last solo travel was in india and though my lust for travelling never ceased, changes of my work schedule and some health issues prevented me from accomplishing my travel plans.  I wanted a trip to cambodia and had flight tickets to laos which i wasn’t able to use.  i told myself that year 2013 will not pass without me going somewhere.  this mid-october i will visit the wonder of asia – sri lanka.


my itinerary includes visit to key cities of colombo, kandy and galle.  it is worth mentioning that one of my main goal is to see the sigiriya rock fortress.  i will be using airbnb on some of my accommodations and it will be a first for me to use their service.  airbnb is an online service that provides a platform for individuals referred to as “hosts”, generally private parties, to rent unoccupied living space and other short-term lodging to guests.


i will be taking a flight from my workplace here in the mideast to colombo and train rides to kandy and galle.  so i think that sounds like – a plan.  hehe.  goodluck to me!

6 responses to “oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha

  1. i think that’s what we used (airbnb) last july-aug when we rented this fabulous condo in cancun. the picture online wasn’t much so we were happy when we contacted the owner of the condo and she lowered the rent for us. but when we arrived and saw the condo, i would have paid double the amount i paid per day on this unit. it overlooks the caribbean ocean, it’s just by the beach. if you throw a stone from the balcony, you’ll hit the caribbean, that’s how close we were.

    i’d use this service again someday.

    • .. hi ewok. that’s a great experience you had with the condo and your host. as for me, i actually chose the ones who had a number of positive testimonials about their place and that fits my budget.

      .. would love to visit the carribean too – even in my dreams! haha.

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