a clever travel companion

it will be a total nightmare for me if while traveling, i lose my passport or my atm and credit cards.  it’s always been a necessity to carry a small shoulder bag to keep my travel documents including my wallet.  usually the common advice we know is to put everything in different pockets of your pants, that’s if – your pants have pockets with them!


one travel gear company had this very ‘clever’ idea of making ‘pockets’ on undershirts and underwear and called it as “the clever travel companion”.   think of that one safe place where you can keep your passport, your cards and even your money!  i myself was impressed of this travel gear, the fabrics are of quality material and the pockets have zippers on them.


i have an upcoming trip to sri lanka which will cover the cities of colombo, kandy and galle.  my itinerary includes use of public transportation which means i will be in a mix of crowds and of course have to be cautious on my personal stuff.  the clever travel companion will be with me for this trip – so i won’t be traveling solo?!

check this ‘clever’ travel gear at their website: www.clevertravelcompanion.com

6 responses to “a clever travel companion

  1. looks good and safe but it is a pain to retrieve your valuables when needed. why not just a thin pouch you can hang around your neck kept inside your clothing?

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