lankan chronicles: frescoes of sigiriya

a big chunk of rock.  a paranoid king.  a gateway of a carved enormous feline.  a mirrored wall and colored frescoes.  words that i can describe sigiriya, the lion’s rock fortress.

i visited sigiriya on a rainy day and can be considered as a lucky tourist to have the rain stop for a few hours for me to reach the top of the rock and down.  one of the things that fascinated me are the frescoes it has on its high walls – of colorful frescoes of half-clad women.

touching the paintings and flash photography is prohibited.  they are guarded from vandals, plus most of them are slowly deteriorating and like the other ones, will be gone forever.

the true identity of the ladies on these frescoes are not known – with their globular breasts, narrow hips, adorned head dresses and jewelleries, they might have been the chosen ladies of the king – or else they can be magical fairies. 🙂

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