india chronicles: jaipur is colored orange

i went around jaipur with the help of ash, a young rajasthani whom i met on couchsurfing website.  he has his own dependable motorbike with him and i was kind of reluctant at first about the idea of going around the city riding a bike for i was considering my safety.  i took the risk though and i have no regrets doing it (and thank god for not encountering any mishaps).  ash, as he has actually boasted to me, was an expert biker.

jaipur, is called as the pink city for most of the buildings are supposedly painted pink.. but it’s not pink, it’s orange!

various establishments were still closed.

a store selling dresses and a bookshop.

the hawa mahal’s façade as seen in the street.  it is also named as the palace of the winds.

there was no traffic early morning but during the afternoons it can get really congested.

not all buildings were colored orange.

ash and i stopped by in a store that sells traditional lassi, a yogurt-based drink.

there are different variations of the lassi drink and the one that i tasted was sweet and has added rosewater.

it was creamy and tasty like a milkshake.

i also had some kachori, a rajasthani spicy delicacy.  it is a flattened round baked flour with stuffing on it.  i was not sure what was the stuffing made of but i find it delicious.

18 responses to “india chronicles: jaipur is colored orange

  1. so you went around jaipur on a motorcycle? cool!
    with helmet, i assumed.

    that palace of the wind must be one of the most photographed structures in jaipur.
    i always see it on blogs about india.

    lassi! nice. but rose-flavored? we always go for mango lassi here in penang.

    • .. yes i did doc! it was fun specially on our way to the forts tha i will blog about soon including hawa mahal.

      .. they had a bottle of rosewater and put some on the lassi as they were mixing it. i also had some banan lassi when i was in delhi, but this one was better.

  2. it’s pink… okay peach. it was originally pink when they painted it for the visiting royal family. 🙂

    you are one brave soul trying to sightsee on a motorbike…. in INDIA!!!

  3. hehe, thanks for the heads up on the color, baka akalain kong naliligaw kami pag makita kong orange hehe!

    curious sa creamy lassi and kachori (ako na ang matakaw)… dko pa natry yan maski dine sa BAH. 🙂

    NB: Postponed ang trip namin dine, naunahan ako ng boss ko, attend din daw sya sa wedding kaya magbantay daw muna ako ng opis. :p

    • .. iniisip ko nga baka pag nabilad yung pink na pintura nagiging orange, haha. masarap yung lassi, buti naman di sumakit tyan ko.

      .. it’s okay if it got cancelled, the year is just starting dai pa chances!

  4. i didn’t copy that lol and you have medical insurance and you had a good biker with you which was tagged by a weird filipino! the city had pink colour and come here again and i’ll show you some pink building! lol!

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