india chronicles: taj mahal

from the place where i was standing, the view was like the hazy sky was a canvas and the taj mahal itself was just.. a painting.  it was the main reason i wanted to visit the golden triangle – and felt this kind of excitement comparable to a kid seeing his birthday present.

this was the gate where all the visitors were crowding up for the reason of getting a good picture of themselves with the palace on the background.  i myself have to wait patiently to have my turn.

these ‘shoe covers’ are provided when you buy the ticket.  a bottled water is also included.

i started walking around, taking random pictures.

the details of the intricate design in the walls.

one of the pillars.

the taj looks the same on all sides.

photography is not allowed inside where the tomb is located.  i took this ‘blurry shot’ near the exit.

another one of the gates.

a closer look.

the yamuna river.

.. and this is what i paid for! 😀

8 responses to “india chronicles: taj mahal

  1. it’s amazing isn’t it? i thought it was exaggerated when I read other people’s post prior to my visit, but when i got there and saw it for myself, it was worth all the hype. it wasn’t as hazy as this when i got there.

  2. i bet the experience was priceless!

    it remains on my bucket list for now.

    the photos are not bad despite the hazy atmosphere. nice angles, actually. quite different from the usual takes on agra’s pride.

    on a lighter note, more than those disposable booties you were provided with, those tattered denim pair look more interesting, hehehe!

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