zalora philippines

i’ve never thought that online shopping can this be convenient as with zalora philippines, which retails fashion and shoes for both men and women.  i first heard about zalora from my niece who usually posts pictures on her facebook and instagram account of items she bought (which are mostly, shoes).  one thing more was that i was thinking that items are all exclusive for women – when i “accidentally” checked the website, i was wrong!


there were some shirts that i liked and i called my mum for she was looking for an average-sized tote bag.  we browsed the site under the women’s bag category ( website is very user-friendly! no IT degree required, LOL!) until she found one which was nice-looking and affordable.  i was planning to pay thru my paypal account but it was sending me error messages during checkout.  i noticed that they offer “cash on delivery” and chose that mode of payment instead.  shipping is free for purchases P1,000.00 above and a 30 day return guarantee – great!


i was informed through e-mail and text that the items will be received 1-3 days but it just took a day to receive my box.  it was delivered by heat exhausted guys from air21 courier service and paid by C-O-D!


i was so happy to take hold of  my solid color jersey tees with floral taping design , it also has a split side hemline with floral detail – yeah, i felt “flowery” when i ordered these!


the brand EZRA MEN is exclusively zalora’s and i checked the inner side seams of the cotton shirt for a tag and it says made in china.


shopping is really fun, and fuss free!  i’m excited to get more items from zalora men which are all pending in my “wishlist” – of course i will have to patiently wait until they go on sale, or need a dose of a little retail therapy at home!

UPDATES! i’ll post more pictures here of stuff i bought from zalora!


leather with braided design bracelets.


more shirts!

it’s a nex

i have used my olympus e-p1 camera for three years now and it has always been with me since i started travelling alone.  it has given me great memories through the photos it took and it became one of the most important things that i have owned.

during my visit in agra, i accidentally dropped my oly while i was changing the lens.  the pancake lens was badly scratched, can no longer focus and the images that it took are all blurred – i tried to get it fixed back in manila but the technicians that i have been to told me that a micro four-thirds lens is very difficult to fix and i need to buy a new one (i did not consider it as a very helpful advise!).  an olympus pancake lens will cost almost $300.00 and i thought i would rather get a new camera.  i was deciding if i will be getting a dslr this time but still the bulk of carrying one changed my mind and i resorted back on the smaller cameras with interchangeable lenses and it was still on the range of my budget (thanks to our company safety bonus!).  i chose to buy from sony, the nex-3n.


sony nex-3n is low-priced and as i have read in reviews and seen on sample photos and test shots, it does take quality images.  i myself have never been interested on technical details and specifications of a camera.  as long as i can take a good picture and satisfied with it, then that’s it – as simple as that.

a clever travel companion

it will be a total nightmare for me if while traveling, i lose my passport or my atm and credit cards.  it’s always been a necessity to carry a small shoulder bag to keep my travel documents including my wallet.  usually the common advice we know is to put everything in different pockets of your pants, that’s if – your pants have pockets with them!


one travel gear company had this very ‘clever’ idea of making ‘pockets’ on undershirts and underwear and called it as “the clever travel companion”.   think of that one safe place where you can keep your passport, your cards and even your money!  i myself was impressed of this travel gear, the fabrics are of quality material and the pockets have zippers on them.


i have an upcoming trip to sri lanka which will cover the cities of colombo, kandy and galle.  my itinerary includes use of public transportation which means i will be in a mix of crowds and of course have to be cautious on my personal stuff.  the clever travel companion will be with me for this trip – so i won’t be traveling solo?!

check this ‘clever’ travel gear at their website: