unboxing my iphone 4s

the iphone 4s was officially released here in ksa on december 16.  a known local bookstore was already selling it last november when i was inquiring about an iphone 4 before i went for days off, the filipino sales rep told me the iphone 4 was out of stock and what they have is a 4s 64gb which was being sold for 5,000.00++ saudi riyals.  i thought that was crazy getting a phone that costly.  half-decided, i bought an ipad2 (which i later found out that it is not blogger-friendly – or should i say i lack the knowledge of utilizing it for blogging?).

i have always wanted to own an iphone since 2008 but it was too expensive for me (see my post, rip-off and must-have later).  i have used my se p1i since 2008, and though i’m not really into mobile phones and the p1i is indestructible (fell from shangri-la mall escalator it was still alive when it hit the ground. haha!) i have decided that it was the right time for me to upgrade my phone.  now as included in my gadget wishlist for the year, i got my first iphone.

but then the crucial part for me is to learn how to use this thing, hehe. 😀

why do i buy an anti-virus software

when i was able to afford my first laptop 6 years ago, i have always installed an anti-virus software in my unit.  i know there are ‘free’ ones you can readily download in the internet but it’s just that i am not comfortable of putting any of those in my computer.

the first anti-virus software i ever used was norton, a trial pack was in my newly purchased hewlett packard notebook then so i just bought the same when the trial period expired. for four consecutive years, i was using the same brand and last year (see related post), i tried using kaspersky which was recommended by our saudi national i.t. technician, and it worked very well.   i bought the kaspersky 2011 the other day at a bookstore in khobar, the price is actually a little cheaper than symantec’s norton.

so why do i spend money to buy a software that you can download for free?  simple – a purchased one assures me that i cannot be victimized of various digital and complex threats that can damage my computer. i use my laptop computer mainly for web-surfing, blogging and rarely for work so if i open a webpage, an e-mail or receive an instant message in the messenger, i am confident that the anti-virus software which i installed will check unsafe content.

gadget wishlist

i start the year by posting my ‘gadget wishlist’ for 2011.  i may or may not take hold of these stuff by the end of the year, but i’d rather put them in my blog for ‘wishful’ purposes, haha!  sometimes it helps me out to forget about my homesickness when i think about a stuff that i am wanting to buy.  so, here is my list!

1. zuiko lenses (zoom and macro) for my olympus pen e-p1 camera – goodbye sony cybershot!

2. i phone 4 that i have been considering as a rip-off, but never seem to cease my interest – goodbye sony ericsson!

3. macbook pro, to satisfy my curiosity as a first time user of an apple laptop – goodbye sony vaio!

so the plan is to save money within the year!  as my blogger-friend, chyng reyes of no spam, no virus, no kiddin’s recent post title says, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”!