unboxing my iphone 4s

the iphone 4s was officially released here in ksa on december 16.  a known local bookstore was already selling it last november when i was inquiring about an iphone 4 before i went for days off, the filipino sales rep told me the iphone 4 was out of stock and what they have is a 4s 64gb which was being sold for 5,000.00++ saudi riyals.  i thought that was crazy getting a phone that costly.  half-decided, i bought an ipad2 (which i later found out that it is not blogger-friendly – or should i say i lack the knowledge of utilizing it for blogging?).

i have always wanted to own an iphone since 2008 but it was too expensive for me (see my post, rip-off and must-have later).  i have used my se p1i since 2008, and though i’m not really into mobile phones and the p1i is indestructible (fell from shangri-la mall escalator it was still alive when it hit the ground. haha!) i have decided that it was the right time for me to upgrade my phone.  now as included in my gadget wishlist for the year, i got my first iphone.

but then the crucial part for me is to learn how to use this thing, hehe. 😀