india chronicles: dandiya raas

my next stop for my trip to india was the pink city, jaipur.  though accessible by land through train, i resorted on taking a flight at jet airways, a local airline company in india. my flight was scheduled in the evening and i took a cab from my hotel in paharganj to the indira gandhi international airport.

terminal 3 in delhi is ultra-modern

wi-fi access is available and free

grabbed some quick bite at mcdonalds while waiting for my flight

four square kilometers of space

i read that the airport has 97 of these automated walkways ( where i accidentally tripped over on my own shoelaces!)

met with these statues depicting yoga poses of sun salutation as i walked to my assigned gate number

i would want to try yoga, but.. will i be able to bend myself like that?!

the surya namaskar, meaning salute to the sun, more info here

*      *      *

i arrived in jaipur airport and was picked up by ‘ashish sharma’ a local whom i contacted thru couchsurfing.  ash made my jaipur experience a great one, acting as a ‘free’ tour guide in the pink city.

we went straight to a dandiya raas festival and i saw this crowd of people in colorful, vibrant ethnic costumes

dandiya raas is a traditional dance played with ‘dandiyas’, a pair of decorated sticks as they move in various hand and feet movements.

the celebration was marvelous and though i felt a little out-of-place (everyone was local and some were giving me a curious look!) i still managed to enjoy the experience!

14 responses to “india chronicles: dandiya raas

  1. timing your visit on a local festival is brilliant. you have soaked up the culture and had sightseeing too.

    thanks for showing me indira gandhi airport. i’ve been meaning to explore it but we had some unforseen events that hindered me from doing so.

    happy new year. may it bring you continuous good health and plenty of adventures to fill your heart with joy.

    • .. a merry 2013 to you ewok! i did enjoy witnessing dandiya raas! sad to say but delhi airport cannot be compared to what we have in manila.

  2. glad that airport in india offers free wifi; was it fast to register and connect?
    in this day and age; it’s an ultimate necessity particularly when you most need to connect with your love ones and of course, with the world.

    the photo of that walkalator made me smile because i like it too other than wifi at terminals but reading the caption kept me from smiling more. bakit ka naman nadapa with your shoelaces? oh well, those inevitable things happen, at least you set foot on that part of the globe already. crossed it out in your bucketlist.

    and what a way to arrive in style with a festival and a local waiting for you!

    happy 2013, kuya rob!

    cheers to our friendship of i-lost-counting-the-years-already (almost 2 decade, i know!)! see you soon in KL?

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