prolly azumi

i was looking for a place to stay in madrigal business park, alabang for a few days and i read about in the internet this newly opened boutique type hotel, azumi.


it was actually a very short walk from the training center where i had to attend a workshop which made it very convenient for me.


this part of the hotel lobby is very chic-looking, almost the same kind of feel of midas hotel in pasay wherein they used hermes-ique orange boxes.


coffee table books to entertain waiting guests.


the reception (thumbs-up to “KATHY” for good customer service!).  i’ve read of negative reviews on their service but fortunately, i did not encountered any.).


the hallway of the 8th floor.


i was given a room at the corner most left side area of the 8th floor, 817.


the room is spacious with wood laminate flooring.  the colors a mix of earth tones on the walls and furnishings, a burst of orange makes the room appealing to the eye.


the work desk  area (no drawers!) and the flat tv with complete cable channels.


i can suffer from compulsion at times.


a signature notepad and pencil.


i believe that you really do not need to get your linens changed everyday, it’s one way of doing a small part for our environment.


another view of the room.


built-in cabinets to dump in your whole wardrobe including yourself – literally, i can fit myself inside, haha!


a sink with a water boiler and the fridge, also some bottled distilled water.  no complimentary coffee/sugar sachets or tea bags (the mentos dragees are mine!).


coffee mugs, drinking glass and some cutlery.


the emergency evacuation map – always think of your own safety!  i do orient myself on this stuff and my room was exactly beside the fire exit door.


noticed the gray tile in the wall – i think it has a story to tell.


this is ecocarat tile, a “breathing tile” made of natural raw materials specifically designed to absorb humidity, foul odors and harmful substances (from


it’s an interesting part of the room.


the toilet and lavatory but i noticed the absence of a toilet roll holder and a bidet sprayer (other stuff all mine!).


body wash, shampoo and a small bar of soap.  there was no dental kit but i brought my own, i always do anyway.


they have american standard brand toilet fixtures and the floor in the shower stall can be very slippery when taking a shower so be extra careful.


towels provided weren’t that fluffy but smelt clean.


internet connection was flawless.  i never lost net connection on my whole stay.


upon check-in, a stub was given to me for breakfast buffet at romulo café located at the ground floor of the establishment.  i also had dinner here which i will post separately.


buffet was limited but okay offering the basic choices.


i had some caesar salad with thousand island dressing and a piece of baguette with kesong puti (local white cheese).


fish fillet in tausi  with red and green bell peppers which tasted fine in my palate, and some pancit canton.


entrance to the infinity pool located at the penthouse.


the infinity pool offers the view of the alabang skyline. too bad that the building infront of the hotel sort of ruined it.


the pool is not manned by a lifeguard, and even if it is only 5ft. deep take utmost precautions specially for the kids.


faux grass, no need to water!  too artificial, but looks good in pictures though.  i forgot to check if the potted plants were also fake.


the penthouse suite – i guess if you want to spend some bucks for people ogling on you while you move about inside your room or sleep like english actress, tilda swinton in her performance art piece at the museum of modern art, this is one best suggestion!  but of course there are blinds installed to cover up,  when you realize that the exposure was enough, lol!



my stay in azumi boutique hotel was satisfactory and they just need some little touch-ups in their rooms that i noticed.  customer service was fine, everyone seemed well-trained and courteous (they do treat locals and foreigners alike – some hotels don’t!). 

azumi means “safe residence” in japanese. 🙂

10 responses to “prolly azumi

    • .. when i was there, most of the guests were either small families or couples. likely because it was lenten season.

      .. happy easter too, ms. maria!

  1. i agree that azumi is a good hotel on alabang and i never experienced any problem with their staff and their frontdesk. they were very courteous even to us locals. been there twice and will still go back at azumi.

  2. hi rob. stumbled upon ur blog while searching for review on azumi and noticed that u’ve been all over and have checked in to nice hotels! envious to the max! hehe! how’d u do it? do you have a secret password to get special discounts? and your travel stories … looks to me that you like to do solo travel. i’ve only done that twice before. i’ve got to do it again soon. 🙂

    • .. hey rachelle, thanks for dropping by. i’m just fond of hotel stays and no secret password at all! haha!

      .. with solo travel you notice you have the control of everything that will happen, right? no other opinions, only – yours. that’s one thing i love about it.

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