countdown 2011

as the new year approaches, i gave myself a few minutes to think about the year that passed.  it is true that life is an unending lesson to be learned.  realization sinks in and suddenly i just woke up one morning and was so thankful to god that i was still able to.  i think about the blessings that i have – my family and friends that cares about me, my job and good health.  these three things are intact in my life that i should be happy about.  

here’s welcoming year 2011.  happy new year to everyone.

another year

i lasted for another year in the company i am working for. this year has been quite rough, considering the recession that seems to be just lurking around and affects everyone. i have seen my co-workers lose their jobs and sent back home – never a happy scene. the latest, were rumors that the management are slashing about 150 rig personnel at the start of the next year. people ask me if it was true, asking me if a memo has been e-mailed from base camp or a letter from the rig mail was received. if i knew, i would not even dare to talk about for it just distresses me.