countdown 2011

as the new year approaches, i gave myself a few minutes to think about the year that passed.  it is true that life is an unending lesson to be learned.  realization sinks in and suddenly i just woke up one morning and was so thankful to god that i was still able to.  i think about the blessings that i have – my family and friends that cares about me, my job and good health.  these three things are intact in my life that i should be happy about.  

here’s welcoming year 2011.  happy new year to everyone.

half digested biryani

i know it’s quite gross blogging about it but . . .

a pakistani patient of mine just puked about two plates of biryani (a rice meal cooked in spices, veggies and meat) on the rig clinic’s floor – guess he ate too much of it while welcoming 2010.  lol.

well, happy new year!

new year’s eve

i made it in manila yesterday without any hassles.  I have not gotten enough sleep yet, for my body clock is still adjusting.


it’s new year’s eve and i’m all alone at the house, everybody left to spend it in my cousin’s.  i just told my mother that i was too tired to go with them, truth is i don’t want to spend this day on someone else’s house for i just don’t feel like it.  she did asked me about three times with a puzzled look if i was okay, i just smiled and said i was.  kinda weird for letting myself being alone.  i’m not actually feeling lonely or anything, it’s just that i feel that i’ll be better off staying alone for a while in the house – even it’s new year’s eve.

happy new year to everyone.