about rob

“I do what i want.  I strive hard for things that I need to accomplish in my life.  I stick to my own principles and do not trust easily.  I often doubt but I confirm.  Made a lot of mistakes in my life and been through rough times – but that’s how it goes”..

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I am Rob from the Philippines (now residing in USA). I started “sensory replays”, on May 2008.

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16 responses to “about rob

  1. Rob,

    Good day! I’m a Filipino too and stumbled upon your blog while checking wordpress’ layoff tag. I have likewise grabbed your recent blog and added it to mine. Sorry for the late notice but I really hope you don’t mind so I can share to the rest of my readers about the gravity of this recession.

    Best regards,

  2. nice looking blog! im impressed with the graphics and you yourself, you write very well. 🙂 were kind of neighbors rob, rizal is near to marikina, well, that’s how i see it anyway. 🙂

    • .. thanks mhel! the graphics, i only got it from wordpress and my writing is just so and so! haha. i think marikina was before a part of rizal and i was born in one of the hospitals there, a thing i can say about your town is that it has one of the cleanest and orderly wet markets i’ve been to!

    • .. hello claire! thanks for checking my blog. the theme i’m using now is easy to manage, and i’m using it for a year now, i think.

      .. i’m also hoping to finish my top ten list for the year, kahiya naman pag di ko nagawa! haha.

  3. hello po! found you thru chyng’s blog. just happy to find a blogger na andito rin sa middle east. u have a great blog mabrook! i’l keep reading! 🙂

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