an elephant, a tarsier and a bee

i have planned a bohol trip for myself and my best friend which is budget-friendly and kind of laid-back.  it was only a three-day weekend trip and what happened on our first day was unproductive due to the rain.  we actually just had a good dinner and checked the bars lining alona beach in panglao.

the room i booked from agoda website was at l’elephant bleu.

this accommodation in panglao island offers rooms and cottages and is very near alona beach.  we were given a room in their new building.

the room is average and working wi-fi is available and complimentary.

the beds made of bamboo were comfortable and the sheets clean.

one of a must-do in bohol of course is to visit a tarsier conservatory.

in my list, one of the ten things i have not done before was to photograph a tarsier.

i noticed that most of the tarsiers were asleep when we visited (hello world, they’re nocturnal!) and as stupid as i can be i forgot to bring my zoom lens in l’ elephant.  so here’s the result – unimpressive pictures, but anyway seeing these curious-looking creatures was enough to fascinate me like an elementary pupil on an educational field trip. 😀

i have read online many reviews about the food at bohol bee farm.  i made sure that i had to try some.

cab-cab chips paired with green tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese

spicy flower salad with honey-mustard sauce

buko (coconut meat) pasta

seafood pizza

they have these homemade ice cream with unique flavors such as camote, malunggay, ginger, tomato and pandan.  i tried sweet potato (camote) and found it good-tasting.  they also serve it into a cone made of cab-cab (from grated cassava root).

locally handmade items like these are available in their souvenir shop where i bought some for my ma.

18 responses to “an elephant, a tarsier and a bee

  1. too lazy to google, how much did you pay for that room in bohol? looks okay with free wifi but does it have air conditioning unit or e-fan only?

    nagutom ako sa mga kinain nyo. would like to try that flower salad whenever we get a chance to go to bohol (kailan kaya iyon?).

    did you scare the tarsier? nalungkot ako sa captures mo with them, but the other captures were vivid and vibrant! 🙂

    • .. ang galing! nahulaan mo na walang a/c, haha. i initially booked a non-a/c room (P2500.00 for two nights) for it wasn’t available at agoda thinking na pagdating namin dun ipapalit ko na lang – ending fully occupied rooms! so ayun nagtiis sa e-fan but good thing it wasn’t that warm in bohol (maulan at paambon-ambon nga e).

      .. the flower salad becomes soggy after you mix it with the dressing, and the pasta was like, lutong-bahay lang!

      .. i did not scare the tarsier, haha. sabi ko sa iyo halos tulog sila at yun nga naiwan ang lente, so anlayo ng kuha.

      • nocturnal ata ang mga tarsier, tama ba? so tulog nga iyan sa umaga kung aga kayo nagpunta.

        walang a/c? ayos lang basta malamig simoy ng hangin at fresh! lam mo na, walang polution at hanging probinsya (nakaka miss ang ganoon!) ayos lang room for that price, may free wifi naman. iyon ang requirement ko kahit budget hotel, may free wifi at mabilis! we’re so net-dependent already! kulang ang araw kung hindi naka log in. 🙂

        • .. yes they are nocturnal pero may nakita ako na gising. sa tingin ko maistress nga sila kung lagi silang walang tulog!

          .. the room is actually cheap, mas mura kung walk-in pero tsamba kung may available. ako rin net-dependent na yata e, haha.

    • .. gusto ko sana close-up e, hehe. onga grace i read about that they bang their heads (they have thin skulls) on objects to kill themselves.. horrible!

  2. ayun si mr. tarsier! 🙂 onga medyo malayo pero in fairness kita pa rin ang mga mata hehe.. ung flower salad mukang di ako mabubusog sa serving, mga 2kilong bugambilya pa siguro hehe.. at super curious ako dun sa buko pasta, tomato sauce tlga ung sauce kuya? tenks for sharing! ^_^

    • .. sabi their eyes are fixed in their skulls, so yung orbit di nagrorotate like a usual mammal does.

      .. mas okay pa rin ang green leafy veggies as salad rather than flowers, hehe. the pasta is like pinoy spaghetti and its just weird eating buko with it.

  3. nagcrave ako sa buco pasta! di ko pa natry yan and the pizza too. now i have reasons to go back to bohol.

    nag Circles kami kagabi. ay nako, mas feel ko ang HEAT.

    • .. madai pa rin pwede puntahan sa bohol! thanks for recommending rj, though hindi siya personally ang nag-tour sa amin ayos pa rin yung mga drivers na pinadala nya.

  4. there were those trips i intentionally left the SLR in the hotel, attack by laziness. thanks to smaller high performing cameras. we tried the malunggay and ginger ice cream. parehong masarap.

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