jamglue is an online community where you can listen to or mix music from a library of user-contributed music. jamglue was launched in december 2006, and supports a community of over a million users, who have contributed over two million mixes and tracks (crunchbase, march, 2010).

i was about to check my account at jamglue.com when i found out that the website has been shutdown due to copyright issues.  anyone can upload or download music from this website for free.  

illegal downloading of music is a violation of copyright laws.  the illegal downloading of music denies artists, and those involved in the production of music, payment for their work.  downloading copyrighted music without permission is stealing, illegally downloading of music is the equivalent of shoplifting.  in essence, it is taking something that does not belong to you.

.. guilty.

funny medical signs

googled some funny medical signs:


. . this one is a scary health center!


. . yes you read that right, they have it!


. . visit this dental clinic if you want what they ‘offer’. 


. . reserved.


. . yes ladies, you can visit your ever dependable gynecologist, dr. stiff.


. . stiffy’s colleague who specializes in women’s incontinence, dr. wood.


. . lastly, try to figure this one out yourself!  lol.

ting wu cheng


of all the spam mails that i receive almost every week this one was short, simple – and direct.  someone named ting wu cheng left me a message that goes like this:

we have a private transaction involving usd 26,928,000.00.  twenty six million, nine hundred and twenty eight thousand united states dollars.

get back to us for more information.

ting wu cheng


.. that is a lot of money huh?!

touch me not


. . . thou shalt not touch the queen – unless she reaches out first!

well the queen touched her hand to michelle obama’s back

so she returned the gesture of patting the queen’s back

so they put their arms around together . . .


then the web world went crazy

some freaked out, some say wtf?! some mentioned protocols and etiquette and some didn’t care at all

. . . but the queen touched her first!