india chronicles: picturesque rajasthani

majestic forts, monuments and temples was the main reason that i visited jaipur.  three days was not enough for me to visit it all but the ones i have seen have made me appreciate the grandeur of this main tourist destination in india.

my jaipur visit would never be that great without the help of ashish sharma, a local rajasthani whom i contacted through couchsurfing website.  there was a tour guide who approached him when we were in one of the forts and asked him how much i paid for his tour services – he told me he just shrugged him off for he did it for free!  i would highly recommend this trustful young guy to anyone who will need company if visiting jaipur – but of course you have to pay for gas for his motorbike!

2 responses to “india chronicles: picturesque rajasthani

  1. you got really lucky with your couchsurfing buddy. i don’t know if you can visit these sights without a tour guide, because we were provided with one as part of our packaged tour.

    it’s so beautiful there, isn’t it? i would love to go back, in the wintertime most preferably.

    • .. honestly, if i was doing it on my own i wouldn’t be able to roam around that way in jaipur specially the forts.

      .. i too, love india and would want to visit the southern part when i get to save some rupees again, hehe.

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