india chronicles: picturesque rajasthani

majestic forts, monuments and temples was the main reason that i visited jaipur.  three days was not enough for me to visit it all but the ones i have seen have made me appreciate the grandeur of this main tourist destination in india.

my jaipur visit would never be that great without the help of ashish sharma, a local rajasthani whom i contacted through couchsurfing website.  there was a tour guide who approached him when we were in one of the forts and asked him how much i paid for his tour services – he told me he just shrugged him off for he did it for free!  i would highly recommend this trustful young guy to anyone who will need company if visiting jaipur – but of course you have to pay for gas for his motorbike!

india chronicles: jaigarh fort

i do not know how to drive a motorcycle and it has been ages since i last rode at the back of one.  ironical as it sounds, i took a risk of riding one when i was in jaipur.


from the busy bustling streets of the pink city, my couchsurfing buddy, ashish and i traversed the concrete road to jaigarh fort, one of the famous three forts in jaipur.  i felt an urge to remove the suffocating helmet that ash bought specially for me to feel the cool wind in my face but restrained myself to do so for my safety.

the fort offers a majestic panoramic view of the sprawling city below.  it was said that the fort itself never came under attack during the course of its history.

the fort was too vast and i declined walking farther for it was getting hot and forgot to bring some bottled water.

these stone railings are a prominent architecture in the fort.

a flag flaps proudly in one of the towers.

a window opens up overlooking the mountains.

the fort is a must visit when you pass by rajasthan.

it was already midday and scorching hot as ashish took a picture of me as i sat behind these doors.  the back of my neck was sunburned but it was way worthy to see this historic place, jaigarh.

india chronicles: arya niwas

i stayed in an old renovated haveli (mansion) in jaipur.  hotel arya niwas is a two-star hotel that has won a certificate of excellence from trip advisor website.


it was mentioned in their website that the main hall of the hotel is 150 years old, repainted in the original style.


the hotel has a simple and relaxing ambience.


i booked a standard single room with aircon.  wi-fi is available with a small fee.


i had a seat in one of their wicker chairs in their lawn while having breakfast.


omelette, baked beans on toast and hot cocoa drink to start my day.


i also dined at their restaurant, chitra cafeteria.  they have this home-like meals that are afffordable and satisfying.


they have this unique feature where they display the food – so that you will know the portion size as well as the product itself.


arya niwas was a good choice for me in my stay at the pink city.