indonesia chronicles: warung mendez

it was past lunch time when i finished frolicking (lol!) with the macaques at the monkey forest sanctuary in ubud, bali.  a local acquaintance recommended me this restaurant located a few minutes from the sanctuary.

warung mendez is an open air cozy restaurant with wooden tables and benches known for their delicious and affordable local dishes in their menu.

i chose to order their bakmi goreng jawa, a dish of stir-fried egg noodles cooked in javanese spice paste with shredded chicken and vegetables topped with fried egg with a side dish of pickled mixed vegetables and two sticks of chicken satay.

the restaurant has an open kitchen were you can see the local women cook your dish infront of you.

spices and condiments used for the bakmi goreng.

skilfully she tossed the ingredients into the wok and a delicious aroma entered my nostrils.

that’s apple cider, red wine and balsamic vinegar.  vinegar usually adds tang to most recipes.

noodles are ready!

uber yummy bakmi goreng. 🙂

three kinds of sambal, which are chili based sauces.

warung mendez is at penestanan kaje, ubud, bali indonesia.

12 responses to “indonesia chronicles: warung mendez

  1. a trip is always never complete without sampling the place’s local dish / delicacy.
    kailangan talaga 3 ang chili sauce? buti na lang di nakahalo ang sambal sa noodle dish, at least you had it to taste only. weird naman kung ibuhos mo lahat di ba? lol! :p

  2. i think open kitchens are really cool especially when you are head over heels for the food. i guess the only challenge is to avoid drooling in public.

    ps. frolicking? really?! 😆

    • .. yeah, it also kills our curiosity how the food we are about to consume ended up in our plate, hehe.

      .. and yes, the macaques and i developed a close bonding to the point that we pranced around in the temple. 😀

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