lankan chronicles: frescoes of sigiriya

a big chunk of rock.  a paranoid king.  a gateway of a carved enormous feline.  a mirrored wall and colored frescoes.  words that i can describe sigiriya, the lion’s rock fortress.

i visited sigiriya on a rainy day and can be considered as a lucky tourist to have the rain stop for a few hours for me to reach the top of the rock and down.  one of the things that fascinated me are the frescoes it has on its high walls – of colorful frescoes of half-clad women.

touching the paintings and flash photography is prohibited.  they are guarded from vandals, plus most of them are slowly deteriorating and like the other ones, will be gone forever.

the true identity of the ladies on these frescoes are not known – with their globular breasts, narrow hips, adorned head dresses and jewelleries, they might have been the chosen ladies of the king – or else they can be magical fairies. 🙂

lankan chronicles: kandy crush

kandy is the second largest city of sri lanka.  i arrived mid-morning from colombo by train and went straight to the language center where my couchsurfing host was working – it was my first time to couchsurf.  i then found out that he had some important matters that suddenly came up and will be available by late afternoon.  he was apologetic and suggested to drop my bag in his office, walk around town for a while, and return then proceed to his house.


i passed by st. anthony’s cathedral established in 1877.


the mass just finished when i got there. there were markers on the floor and i guess these are priests who have served the cathedral and were buried beneath the church.


the church seems to be recently renovated.


i walked to the round lake beside the temple of the tooth.


this buddhist temple in kandy  houses the relic of the buddha’s tooth.


i was denied entry for wearing capri trousers.  the guard at the gate even lifted my shirt and tugged at my belt while motioning and speaking sinhalese to his buddy.  he gave me with a straight-faced “no”, and as an obedient alien (hehe!), i did not insist.


lotus flower buds.


the lotus is said to represent purity, faith and enlightenment.


these flowers were being sold around the temple.  i found a gate open at the other side of the main entry and though there was a guard but he did not mind me going in – promise, he noticed me!


devotees hearing sermon at the audience hall, built during the late 1700’s.


the posts have intricate carvings on them but i did not took the chance to go nearer.


footwear not allowed but . . .


i was still wearing my shoes so i quickly went out!


this 16-feet high buddha was a gift from india to sri lanka.  i read that it was specially carved out of a single piece of beige-colored chunar sandstone by master craftsmen.


i noticed this signage and found it interesting so i continued walking.


a steep climb to the cemetery road.


the garrison cemetery was the final resting place for the brits who were in kandy during their colonization of sri lanka.


one of the tombstones was marked 1859.


saw a local selling candy floss.


bought one and nibbled on this sweet thing as i went back to the office of my couchsurf host.