gadget wishlist

i start the year by posting my ‘gadget wishlist’ for 2011.  i may or may not take hold of these stuff by the end of the year, but i’d rather put them in my blog for ‘wishful’ purposes, haha!  sometimes it helps me out to forget about my homesickness when i think about a stuff that i am wanting to buy.  so, here is my list!

1. zuiko lenses (zoom and macro) for my olympus pen e-p1 camera – goodbye sony cybershot!

2. i phone 4 that i have been considering as a rip-off, but never seem to cease my interest – goodbye sony ericsson!

3. macbook pro, to satisfy my curiosity as a first time user of an apple laptop – goodbye sony vaio!

so the plan is to save money within the year!  as my blogger-friend, chyng reyes of no spam, no virus, no kiddin’s recent post title says, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”!

20 responses to “gadget wishlist

  1. believe it or not, mura ng almost 50% ang presyo ng gadgets sa penang kumpara sa manila. from lenses, to dslr, to led tv and apple products.. budget lang ang wala ako! hehehehe.. like ipad 64 gig costs RM 2K, and that 16 gig for only RM 1500 (x PhP14). iphone 4 for RM 3K.. take note may lalabas daw na ipad 2 at iphone 5 next year, how true? naka lima na sila, wala pa ako kahit isa, LOL! lalo na pag july – september it’s the annual great malaysian sale, rob. so what are you waiting for? penang, let’s go! 😀

    • .. dito sa saudi gelo, tumaas na ang price ng dslr nung tumaas yung demand ba, then the laptops are still cheaper here compared sa pinas, and the phones a little lower na lang rin. materyaloso na mga arabo, natuto na sila! did you just say, rob at penang on march (winks!). haha!

    • .. thanks pm! iphone is a total rip-off naman talaga! haha! or i’m just sour-graping about it coz i can’t afford to get one?! lol!

  2. go for the macbook! you won’t go wrong with a mac. 🙂 yung binilhan ko local lang pero his prices are at least 5k cheaper than sa power mac and similar establishments and may apple warranty pa. plus, dineliver pa sa bahay. hehe. anyhoo, go for it! 😀

  3. kakainggit naman ang mga gadgets mu now, kung saken yan, ok na yung mga yun, khet d ko na palitan. hehe pero sa bagay mas masarap kase yung may mga bago at updated na gadgets din. I plan to buy gadgets na din, kse mahirap din kapag old school traveler like me, mas easier ang travel pag may gadgets esp kapag d ko na alam kung saan na ako pupunta next.

    • .. ay gael, tumatagal ang gamit sa akin like two years before i upgrade! ganun ako kaingat kaya worth it din naman yung gadget. sabay tayo mag-ipon para mabili natin yung gadget wishlist natin, hehe.

  4. nice set of wish list 🙂
    once you go apple, there’s no turning back! mag macbook pro kana para ichat tayo or facetime. 🙂 hehehehehe

    gusto ko din ng dslr pero baka naman kasing bigat nyan ng anak ko. lol.

    • .. hi ingrid! the last time i bought a laptop, i was already choosing between vaio and mac – but i was very loyal to sony then! this time i’ll really try getting a mac, para maiba naman!

      .. what i got is not considered as a dslr, i also dislike the bulkiness of the typical dslr so i got one of the pen series of olympus with interchangeable lenses.

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