why do i buy an anti-virus software

when i was able to afford my first laptop 6 years ago, i have always installed an anti-virus software in my unit.  i know there are ‘free’ ones you can readily download in the internet but it’s just that i am not comfortable of putting any of those in my computer.

the first anti-virus software i ever used was norton, a trial pack was in my newly purchased hewlett packard notebook then so i just bought the same when the trial period expired. for four consecutive years, i was using the same brand and last year (see related post), i tried using kaspersky which was recommended by our saudi national i.t. technician, and it worked very well.   i bought the kaspersky 2011 the other day at a bookstore in khobar, the price is actually a little cheaper than symantec’s norton.

so why do i spend money to buy a software that you can download for free?  simple – a purchased one assures me that i cannot be victimized of various digital and complex threats that can damage my computer. i use my laptop computer mainly for web-surfing, blogging and rarely for work so if i open a webpage, an e-mail or receive an instant message in the messenger, i am confident that the anti-virus software which i installed will check unsafe content.