it’s a nex

i have used my olympus e-p1 camera for three years now and it has always been with me since i started travelling alone.  it has given me great memories through the photos it took and it became one of the most important things that i have owned.

during my visit in agra, i accidentally dropped my oly while i was changing the lens.  the pancake lens was badly scratched, can no longer focus and the images that it took are all blurred – i tried to get it fixed back in manila but the technicians that i have been to told me that a micro four-thirds lens is very difficult to fix and i need to buy a new one (i did not consider it as a very helpful advise!).  an olympus pancake lens will cost almost $300.00 and i thought i would rather get a new camera.  i was deciding if i will be getting a dslr this time but still the bulk of carrying one changed my mind and i resorted back on the smaller cameras with interchangeable lenses and it was still on the range of my budget (thanks to our company safety bonus!).  i chose to buy from sony, the nex-3n.


sony nex-3n is low-priced and as i have read in reviews and seen on sample photos and test shots, it does take quality images.  i myself have never been interested on technical details and specifications of a camera.  as long as i can take a good picture and satisfied with it, then that’s it – as simple as that.

8 responses to “it’s a nex

  1. this reminds me my kit lens need a replacement too.
    but you know it’s not my priority as of present.

    congratz on your new purchase!
    i cannot wait to read and view your posts and photos on your recent trip.

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