my love

is it fated

like an inevitable occurence

i found you

unaware of your existence

i felt a rush

a surge of emotion

that enveloped my soul


in a state of nirvana

i drifted

gently in the air

you liquefy me

overflowing . .

i desire to possess you

embrace me with your warmth

i am yearning . .

but if time sets still

if destiny decides

that this is just a mirage

i will shed my tears

willfully accept the pain

and quietly return

in my undone

shallow grave . .


by Rob

prisoner of your love

i am

a prisoner of your love

hold me

bind and

clad me

with the

sense of touch

that i am


i am

a prisoner of your love

chain me

restrain and

contain me

with the

sentiment of happiness

that i am


i am

a prisoner of your love

enslaved and possessed

a follower

of your desires . . .

by Rob