here’s a screen shot i got from the web of the iphone 3g plan pricing in my home country:

as of now the exchange rate of 1usd = 44.6 php.  now let’s do the math: the freaking iphone 3g 16gb will cost almost a thousand –  yes, a thousand dollars for the prepaid kit!  goodness.  what-the-fuck were they thinking?!  my mouth just went agape when i saw this pricing scheme.  it’s just . . crazy.  but crazy as it is, iphone 3g will still sell in the philippines but for me, this is a crappy no-no.  fuck it.

the clone

spot the difference . .

to an untrained eye, both are ‘almost’ identical.  it may look the same on the exterior but the cloned phone itself is not that of quality as expected.  there are consumers around the world who have been fooled into buying these cloned phones from china or korea for most people cannot tell the difference.  i have read that there are 8 nokia n95 clones circling the market now in different levels of detail, so be very careful as a buyer. 

you might think you got a good deal if you buy a clone, but think again.  at the first place why would someone buy a ‘fake’ ?  to deceive or to promote counterfeiting?  and is it worth it?  as for me, i would rather have an outdated phone which is genuine than sporting a cloned one.


sensory replays on 3g . .

we do not have a mobile phone signal here in our location . . so either the phone will work as a handy web browser or an irritating alarm clock!  lol!