the door

i was on my way last night to the main camp where most of the rig personnel quarters are located, it was still early, past 7:00 pm, i had to hand over one of the roustabout’s new work boots for he forgot it at the rig office.  when i was infront of his room, the door was slightly ajar and i noticed the light inside, i knocked softly then all of a sudden the door slammed and someone inside sort of hurriedly locked it.  i thought i disturbed him or something, so i waited for a while then knocked again – he needs the boots for work tomorrow so i knocked again, and again.  no answer.  well, fuck!  i left to go to the mess hall to have dinner but the room boy saw me.  he asked me what i was doing with the boots and told him what happened.  “let me knock on his door then”, he said “or else i will just open the door for i have the keys,” he added.  so, we went back to the room and i asked him, “nihardeen, knock first.” he did knocked twice, then just opened the door.

i peeked from the opened door and no one was inside.  “no one here.” the room boy said.  well i thought that was weird, because someone just locked the door and it is a difference of a few seconds when we went back and if someone was inside the room there is no other way to go and i will surely see him going out.  i told the room boy to put the boots in the bed and i just ignored what happened.

when i went to the mess hall i passed the recreation room – lain on the sofa, watching television was taha, the roustabout whom i had to give the boots to.  wtf?!

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