shitty day


for two days now, i have been sick.  lately everyone’s asking for cold and cough medicines until the clinic was out of stock of them.  i ordered some more 3 weeks ago but till now the warehouse has not sent me anything.  very seldom that i get the flu, but i have been stressed with this freaking job, likely the reason for my immune system to be down.  i hate being sick, i become less productive and at the end of the day, i feel so bad about myself for it seems like i did not accomplished anything. 

so early morning i receive a call from the superintendent, bitching about the crew change  transportation that i was assigned to set up for he says i had it wrong.  then the conversation ends with him telling me to use my brain and think.  that is pure bullshit.  why do some people think too highly of themselves?  i don’t even need to prove anything for him.  nothing at all.

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