shadow play

was called in yesterday of a vehicular accident about a hundred kilometers from our location.  hurriedly,  i grabbed my trauma bag, a satellite mobile phone and the digicam.  on the way i was dead worried of the unexpected, i didn’t know on to what extent the injuries of the occupants of the vehicle were for i was not fed any specific details about it.  then i remembered i forgot my wallet and my iqama.  shit.  what if we need to go straight to the hospital?  i do not have a single riyal with me or my identification documents. 

then i saw the vehicle, as we got closer my worry was replaced with a sigh of relief.


the occupants of the vehicle were okay, the passenger told me that their tire burst suddenly (most likely they were driving like crazy), driver lost control and the vehicle swerved and flipped on the other side of the skid road.  just see how lucky they are.

before we went back to the rig i managed to shoot a picture of my shadow in the desert sand.  i just love seeing that pattern the arid wind forms in the sand.


. . . very alien-like,  huh?!  haha.

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