i know it’s a no-no but i did took an anti-hypertensive pill without any doctor consultation.  i do not recommend  anyone to do this – but i just did.  i have two boxes of atenolol 50mg in my rig clinic, actually it has been there sometime now, like since i started to work for this rig nearly three years ago.  well i was too worried about my abnormally high blood pressure and it will take a lot of fuss of me going to the hospital.  so i read carefully the product literature of this pill, the indications, dosaging and undesirable effects.


i took one yesterday after i woke up in the morning, i checked my blood pressure – 150/100, by mid-morning i checked again, it was 110/70 . . hooray!  it worked!  i was relieved.

so i closely monitor my blood pressure and found out that it has an average of 110/70.  for now i’m going to take this medicine continuously – even if it was out of self-medication.

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