i took my board exams almost 4 years ago, as i remember 5,210 out of 12,100 made it to pass.  when i read an article about the new board passers last year, the first thing I noticed were the figures:

manila, philippines – – around 39,455 passed the nursing board exams taken last november, 2008 and more than 88,649 aspiring nurses took the test.

imagine that!  i think we’ll be having an oversupply of underpaid nurses back in my home country.  in actuality, a number of these licensed nurses even don’t find a job related to nursing for some of them resort on working as a call center agent or a medical transcriptionist for the pay is better.

our country has so many nurses that new nursing graduates are finding it hard to find jobs.  the competition among nursing graduates is so stiff that local hospitals can now afford to hire nurses for free.

sad, but true.

4 responses to “oversupplied

  1. i wish the bulk of these RNs will enrol in Allgen! lol.
    we’re opening 2 more batches this month besides the on-going.
    will appreciate if you refer Allgen to your friends. =)
    hey, you’re gone of the web for some time, y oh y?
    musta na ?
    swing into my blog whenever you have time.

    • been quite busy gelo.. but i do often check your blog for updates. anyways, will really try to enrol at your center on my days off this april. but the thing is, you have to set me up a ‘crash’ course review – for i’ll be in a hurry to go to the beach!

  2. it’s a 17-day live lecture (M-Fri, 8am-5pm) plus 2 months unlimited on-line. my suggestion to you rob, is for you to avail of the live lect, coz it’s effective than reading/studying alone, and just go back to Allgen for your on-line review weeks before your exam date or on your next vacation. you may enrol anytime as soon as you get home & just sit in to any topic you miss whenever your BUSY SCHED allows you to do so. you may coordinate with them now through http://www.allgen.net for your reservation.
    S’ang beach naman ang punta? sama kami!!! lol. Thanks for visiting my blog & do it regularly, ok. see u soon.. init na dito, sobra!

  3. hmm strangely enough i have read on blogs which support the RH Bill make special mention of nurses/doctors to population ratio being short. dangerously short. either way. we do not have enough jobs to support the current populate. call centers or no call centers.

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