chi spa at shangri-la

when i was on days off, my partner and i planned to try chi spa at shangri-la edsa hotel.  we made the reservation a day before the treatment and the receptionist was very courteous as we did some inquiries and chose which spa treatment we wanted.  just the ambience of the receiving area was already relaxing – a beautiful interior of oriental motif , soft instrumental music being played on the background and a hint of gingery peppermint scent in the air.



the day of our scheduled appointment, we headed back to the spa.


we were asked to fill up a short questionnaire to determine which of the five elemental sign we possess: metal, water, wood, fire and earth that is said should be in balance to harmonize with the positive yang and negative yin energy within the body.

i found out that my elemental sign was wood, and my partner’s was metal.


we actually chose chi journeys’ yin yang harmonising massage as our treatment.

“especially created to stimulate the senses and balance the flow of chi throughout the body.  share this experience with a partner and two therapists coordinating light, rhythmical strokes.  focus is given to specific meridians, releasing tension and restoring peace and harmony”.

the spa itself is located on the upper floors, in the garden wing of the hotel.  a therapist accompanied us on our way to the couple’s suite room.  


we started off with a revitalizing dip.




ginger tea was offered as the therapists welcomed us with a chi foot ritual following our yin yang harmonising massage.


the massage was in fact, exhilarating.  as i lay down on the table i can feel every major muscle being kneaded expelling tension, my therapist’s expert hands sliding in my oiled body, fingers fluttering.  for a few minutes i was in a dream-like state and the thought of my partner being with me experiencing the same thing is quite ecstatic.


chi is the life force, the energy which is vital that emanates life.  it freely circulates in our bodies – it can be felt, but has no obvious form, an entity.

4 responses to “chi spa at shangri-la

  1. looks like heaven on earth, and it sounds like a piece of nirvana in manila. what an incredible metaphor of the beautiful lotus flower growing in murky waters. amidst all the chaos and toxicity of the city is a place of refuge that can recreate beauty, purity, and revitalization.

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