al gara mountain

al gara mountain is considered to be one of the most important tourist and natural landmarks in al ahsa.  it consists of sedimentary rocks, where the sedimentary layers can be seen with the naked eye.  it is also famous for its caves and alleys between the rocks, and therefore it has become one of the most famous nature sites in the arabian gulf region.

before i went home for days off, i had the chance of having a short visit in al ahsa where the al gara mountain is located.  also called as judas cave, the place was literally claustrophobic as my saudi co-workers guided me inside.  it was a friday when we went there so there were a number of people who were also visiting. 


after probably half an hour i was drenched in sweat and getting dizzy so i told my companions that i had enough and need to get out of there.  i did not attempted to climb on the elevated area for i was wearing flip flops and it wasn’t very safe.



the rock formations of the mountain itself was in fact, fascinating.

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