mall of dhahran

 just recently, i was able to visit mall of dhahran, a 1,000,000 sq. feet single storey shopping mall.  i considered it as a ‘paradise’ to shoppers for it offers a range of retail international stores.  almost all the stores were on sale the day i was there, offering up to 70% off on some items.  armed with a few riyals (haha!) i started my “bargain hunting” . .

i never realized until i checked my watch that i have walked for about four hours already and i have not even finished checking the other stores.  one thing i noticed was some of the stores have no fitting rooms (like the gap) and all the sales people were all men (even on lingerie stores!), the shops also closes during prayer time so you just have to patiently wait till it gets done.

4 responses to “mall of dhahran

    • .. well i wish i had more money to shop! lol. yes the mall did have familiar stores like marks & spencer, zara and debenhams to name a few. there were not much people when i was there maybe because it was midday, and i was so cautious when i was taking pictures of the shops for the saudi men might think i was taking photos of their women – that will get me in trouble!

    • .. yes kg! sometimes you actually get ‘consumed’ by the fact that you need to hunt down the item you were looking for.

      .. thanks for visiting my blog, kung ano-ano lang ang posts ko dito!

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