life is a beach

boracay, at last!  it’s just that everytime a foreign co-worker asks me about it i get too embarassed to say that i have never been in the island.  being a filipino, i think it is expected that i can tell them something about it and the best way is to experience being there.

so after almost half an hour flight from manila, i found myself in caticlan and after a few more minutes made it in boracay island.  it was literally summer hot.  the place that i stayed for three days was a few steps from bulabog beach, eastward of the island, which is mainly an area for windsurfing and kiteboarding.  you wouldn’t see a lot of  tourists in the area unlike the main tourism beach which is white beach.

white beach, opposite of bulabog beach has everything.  all tourism-related establishments that i can think of can be found here.  i had a good italian dinner at don vito’s, a cheap meal at andoks, coffee and refreshing drinks to beat the heat at starbucks, hallowich and cafe del sol, and henna tats for $2!

nightlife is very impressive – a number of bars kept the night alive which includes live bands.  i had a few beers at coco loco bar (i was unsuccessful to go loco, though! hehe.), and walked barefoot alone by the beach, just enjoying the moment by myself.

. . i hope to get a chance to be in boracay again sometime next year.

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