cuti-cuti malaysia

cuti-cuti (pronounced as chuti-chuti) is a malay word for vacation, leave or holiday.

after my week-long solo trip to malaysia, i am not sure now if i can call it a lone backpacking experience.  one thing, i left my newly bought 35L knapsack at home and preferred carrying my laptop bag and an old duffel bag.  i also did not stay in hostels but slept comfortably every night on budget to mid-range cost hotels and my means of transportation were mostly by cab, which cannot be considered as budget friendly.

a week is really not enough to experience most of malaysia but my itinerary of visiting kota kinabalu, penang and kuala lumpur was enough for me to appreciate a glimpse of the country.  i realized that it can be fun travelling alone and i have never had a boring moment during my travel.

so keep posted for my next entries that will cover my one week travel to malaysia.  i have to go back to work in the mideast by weekend and i will surely be busy but will still try to blog.. till then!

12 responses to “cuti-cuti malaysia

  1. you have a good set up at work. you don’t linger in the desert too long.

    i agree that a week is not long enough to visit any one place – what more an entire country.

    till your next journey.

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