malaysia chronicles: puh toh tze temple

my first stop at my kk city tour was the puh to tze temple.  i read that this buddhist temple was built in 1980, with its traditional chinese architecture. 

the goddess of mercy, kwan yin

statues of deities, right side

statues of deities, left side

a ceremonial golden incense burner

temple interior

seats in the altar

adorned ceiling

26 responses to “malaysia chronicles: puh toh tze temple

    • onga gael! tinamad ako mag-gala sa kk kasi umuulan! you’re off in a few weeks? meaning you’re staying that long in malaysia? ingat ka ha.

  1. thanks rob, di ko sure kung ikaw ang madalas na rob na namemention ni chyng na kabirthday niya.

    pero salamat sa pagdaan sa aking blog.

    add kita sa link ko para minsan mapuntahan ka pag may update ka.

    have a great time and God bless.

  2. excellent photos, both you and doc gelo excel both in medicine and photography! what brains do you have? when I couldn’t even understand my algebra now, ugh!

    • .. thanks sheng! naku wala ako ni sa kalingkingan ni docgelo, haha!

      .. i hated algebra too, i needed to take tutorial classes back in high school!

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