malaysia chronicles: kuala lumpur

it took me a less than an hour flight from penang going to kuala lumpur.  i did not meet any difficulties in the immigration counter in lcct (low cost carrier terminal) and saw an air asia booth inside the airport and asked for directions where the skybus is located outside.  i easily found the parked bus and was the last passenger to board.  the bus took about an hour to reach kl sentral.  from kl sentral, my plan was to take a taxi to my booked hotel in chowkit, i saw a signage that says “taxi” and just walked by till i saw a taxi coupon booth and there was a note posted on the window glass saying that waiting for a taxi can take about an hour – wtf?  i observed a swarm of people walking in one direction and assumed that following them can get me somewhere else outside.  i did followed them and found myself in the streets of kl.

i was carrying with me my laptop backpack and my decade-old, leatherette duffel bag.  i did packed light when i left manila but the stuff that i have bought from kota kinabalu and penang has added weight in my bags.  i was having a hard time walking around with such weight.  one mistake i did during my trip to malaysia was i did not have a map, not even a print-out of directions how to get to the hotel.  in kuala lumpur, all i know is my hotel name and where it is located – citrus hotel, in chowkit.  how to get there, i didn’t have a clue for the original plan was to take a taxi and let the driver take me there.

the first person whom i asked for directions does not even speak full english but was able to let me understand that the best way to get to chowkit is not by the bus but through the monorail.  i did followed his suggestion and he was correct, the kl monorail is very efficient and cheap.  i made it to chowkit and by asking around again (like for 30 sweat wrenching minutes), made it to citrus hotel.

a few days before my trip, i pre-booked at citrus hotel through their website.  they have a promo of a 40% off for a 3-night stay and i took that offer.

my room had a great view of the petronas towers.  it included a 32″ lcd flat screeen tv with cable and satellite channels and a good wifi connection.  room is clean and they even changed the linens and used towels everyday during my stay.

breakfast buffet at citrus café is included in the room package and it was okay.  i also had access in their club lounge at the 10th floor where whole day free snacks like sandwiches and dim sum with free flow soft drinks and fruit juices were available.

12 responses to “malaysia chronicles: kuala lumpur

    • .. it’s like P2300 only per night grace, with buffet breakfast na yun, all-day snacks, fruit platter at non-existent ang kinakatakutan ko na bedbugs! 😀

  1. ang tanong, 40% off nga pero magkano naman kaya yang posh hotel mu rob? 😀 malamang kahet discounted na, d ko pa din afford yan. hihi ang ganda nya in fairness, at eto pala yung sinasabe mung nahirapan ka magtanong para lng makarating sa desti mu.

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