emirate chronicles: al qasba in sharjah

al qasba in sharjah is a waterside leisure area that i visited during my stay in uae.  it’s a popular place for both locals and tourists that has restaurants and shops, but its main attraction is its signature landmark – a 60-metre high ferris wheel, the eye of the emirates.

eye of the emirates is a large all-steel observation wheel that was launched in 2005 with 42 air-conditoned cabins where you can have a spectacular view of sharjah and its neighboring ajman and dubai.  it was open by 4:00 in the afternoon when i was there and entrance fees are 30 dirhams for adults and 15 dirhams for kids.

there is a musical fountain near the wheel where children are allowed to get wet and play with the jet spray of water.  it was so humid that time i wanted to join them to cool off! 🙂

i had dinner at nando’s, a restaurant originating from south africa with a portuguese-mozambican theme.  their most famous food is the flame-grilled peri-peri chicken.

i ordered a vegetable pita and drizzled it with one of their sauces.  it was a new taste for my palate with that right hint of spiciness.

i just recently discovered that i’m no longer having allergic skin reaction to eating chicken, now it is all regrets that i wasn’t able to have a taste of nando’s famous per-peri chicken – maybe next time if i get another chance.

16 responses to “emirate chronicles: al qasba in sharjah

    • .. sana meron din nando’s sa pinas ano chyng. matagal na nga yan, sayang e, dai ko pwede ipost pero sobra busy sa work saka tinamaan ng katamaran.

  1. finally, you’ve found time to resurrect your blog! hallelujah! 🙂

    it seems every key city has its own ‘eye’. london has one (as if we’ve experienced it, haha!) and so does singapore with its flyer. you think KL and Manila should have too? (di ko masabing Penang kasi promdi kami dito, alam mo naman).

    we love nando’s! balik ka dito, we’ll treat you, we’ll have peri-peri pero mild lang ha! di namin kaya beyond that. last time we ate there, lemon herbed ang order namin. 🙂

    PM me your days off in pinas, sana magcoincide with ours.

    • .. haha, once a month post! lol. manila na lang! magandang toursit attraction yan.

      .. yeah, balik ako dyan sa penang (wish!), let’s have peri-peri!

    • .. the top floors are mostly offices, grace. peri-peri chicken has its exotic taste, but their spicy sauces at nando’s makes it better. yun nga lang i wasn’t able to taste it too, hehe.

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