thai chronicles: ruins of ayutthaya

i spent my third day in bangkok visiting the ruins of ayutthaya kingdom.  it took me almost an hour by taxi to reach the place, a slight rainfall started but that did not stop me to continue walking around.

ayutthaya was a siamese kingdom that existed from 1350 to 1767.  i wonder how it looked like before, surely it was majestic.

all that remains of the old city are some impressive ruins of the royal palace.  but still, these structures made of red stone speaks out of the richness of their past.

the most photographed sandstone buddha’s head enmeshed in the fig tree trunks.

the ruins of the historic city of ayutthaya have been listed by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

18 responses to “thai chronicles: ruins of ayutthaya

  1. wow that’s awesome. i like ruins too! there is something mysterious about them, it’s really inviting. oh rob i was wondering, you’ve been to monasteryo de tarlac right? do you think you can give me directions on how to go? what can you see if you go there? i was thinking of going and i thought about you.

    • .. pm, it’s in brgy. lubigan in san jose tarlac. from hacienda luisita you can ask around (o di ba pinasa ko sa mga tao run ang tanong mo, hehe – actually di ko kabisado e, pero alam ng mga taga tarlac yung way). pero kung public transpo, wala yatang umaakyat na pampasaherong sasakyan paakyat dun e.

      .. we actually visit the monasterio for the mass (10:00 am if i remember it correctly), then there is this statue of the risen christ plus don’t forget to get some rosaries that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones.

      .. you should come visit, very solemn yung place. 🙂

  2. wow! ganda. tama ka, i also imagine how grand it would have been during its time! buti naprepreserve nila yan ano? (at buti wala pang mga “informal settlers” na tumitira dyan. hehe!)

    • .. informal settlers! parang common sa atin yan, grace! haha.

      .. inabot daw ng floodwaters yan grace nung binagyo bangkok. pero nabasa ko nalinis na nila uli.

    • .. kahit basa ako sa ulan dyan chyng, i did enjoyed it (wala kasi akong magic payong gaya mo, haha!).

      .. ang short hk series, wala pa e. baka tatlong posts lang yun. 😀

  3. i was just watching this on cable. rich history. the ayutthaya empire was grand until they were invaded by the burmese.

    when are you travelling again in south east asia. sama naman kami next time!

    • .. buti nga doc di ganoon kalakas yung ulan nun, kundi sayang yung visit ko.

      .. idol ka dyan! settings nga ng sarili ko na camera di ko alam, babalik na ako sa point and shoot next year! haha!

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