friend for keeps

me and my best friend has known each other since our senior year back in highschool.  he was my classmate and we were both transferees from different schools.  we had the same barkada  (group of friends) but after graduation and college started, we lost contact of most of them.

i still keep with me the snail letters and greeting cards he sent me during those days when text messaging and facebook was non-existent.  i am just glad that i have met someone like him, someone who is real, someone unpretending.

i have met people who has made a difference in my life in one way or another that became my friends where most of them left and very little stayed.  it just proves that friendship is tested through time, through thick and thin – i thank god for my best friend for he, is a blessing. 🙂

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this post ticks off one of my “10 things i have not done before” list where me and my high school best friend spent a weekend in panglao island, bohol last july, 2012 (post to follow!).

16 responses to “friend for keeps

  1. oh, i love this post!

    alam mo si wendy, maka-family sya. yes, i love that. pero sabi ko sa kanya, we still need friends. we need true friends. diba?

  2. nice post… i remember my closest friends na hanggang ngayon ay pinagtyatyagaan namin ang topak moments ng isa’t isa, hehe… life does seems much happier when they’re around… kakahomesick! 🙂

    PS. ilang beses na kong naggrocery, hindi ko makita ung lemon-pepper Tang. mukhang out of stock (o fast moving, hehe).

  3. can’t wait to go home sa december for empi + videoke + kwento marathon sessions with them 🙂

    haha, pagpapatuloy ko ang the search for lemon pepper tang tuwing punta ng grocery. 🙂

  4. i am reminded that the best friend in my life is gone. long gone; but his memory lives forever with me – the fun time we had, the perils we shared, the money we considered as one, the drinking and girl chasing we did… i can go on and on but it will only make me sadder. cherish your best friend or friends, they are a part of your life money cannot replace.

    • .. sad that he left too early bert. but i do believe you, money can’t even buy friends for it’ll all be temporary. i’ve been to that situation.

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