india chronicles: the golden triangle

a few days from now is my schedule for days off from work here in the gulf and i will be flying straight to new delhi coming from bahrain.  i have included in my bucket list for the year (see 10 things i have not done before, 2012) a visit to india particularly, the famous tourist circuit, the golden triangle.  i am glad that i will be able to do this – as the scottish philanthropist thomas guthrie quoted . . “do it now”.

the golden triangle covers three interesting cities of india which consists of delhi the national capital, jaipur the pink city, and agra, where taj mahal is located.  my plan is to spend 8 days to visit these three cities: first stop is delhi then travel to jaipur by plane.  after three days return to delhi then travel to agra by train, and after three days again return back to delhi. 

visiting india is a dream and i have always wanted to see the taj mahal.  for me it is too majestic, almost hypnotically magical.  keep posted on my next entries on my solo backpacking tour (first time that i will use a backpack – honestly!) to the golden triangle. 🙂

22 responses to “india chronicles: the golden triangle

  1. I AM SOOOOO THRILLED for your india trip! i wannnnna goooooo!
    (kailangan all caps ang shout out!)

    i share the dream with you to experience taj mahal and the culture and colors of india; i shall go there too, but not now as you know, i have so many financial obligations etcetera etcetera (end of drama).

    godspeed, kuya rob! 🙂

      • ‘matic ako kuya rob! hehehe! kahit busy basta ikaw, naks!
        seriously, ayaw ng kumare at inaanak mo sumama e if in case matuloy ako kung kailan; iba gusto syempre ng bata -theme parks and somewhere with many fastfood. 🙂

  2. hindi naman bermuda triangle yan?

    enjoy rob! tell me how it goes ha. ive always wanted to go to india. madami nag didiscourage .. but i so want to see taj mahal. 🙂

    • .. ay ayoko dun at gusto ko pa makauwi sa amin! hehe. surely will post about it grace, yung mga nagdidiscourage ba nakapunta na dun? marami din akong nabasang negative about india pero lahat naman ng lugar kailangan maging cautious tayo when we travel.

      • di daw sya ok for a solo female traveler. di ko alam kung bakit dinidiscourage nila ako.. eh hindi pa naman sila nakakapunta. ha ha! pero tama ka, i don’t get discouraged naman by things like that. gusto ko talaga punta doon, lalo na ngayon i have friends there because of our tour.

        alam mo, ang sarap ng buhay mo ha. always gumagala! parang lagi ka nakabakasyon! haha!

        • .. eh solo ka lang ba?! i think kung may kilala ka okay lang pero kung ikaw lang mag-isa, babawiin ko yung comment ko, haha.

          .. grace pareho lang tayong gala e! sarap ng europe tour nyo! sana makapunta rin ko dun.

  3. yun o! all the best! pangarap ko din ang india (especially yung train journey) pero takot ako pag solo, baka mawala ako sa dami ng tao dun hehe!

    looking forward to your posts! ingat & enjoy! 🙂

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