romulo cafe at azumi

there is this casual dining restaurant in azumi in alabang which i just found out because of my stay in the hotel.  it is one of the branches of romulo café, a restaurant that serves filipino comfort food and some uniquely flavored dishes.


romulo café itself was inspired after mr. carlos romulo, a pulitzer-prize winning journalist and was also an ambassador to the united states (that’s just to name a few, check his wiki page for more!).  the restaurant is being managed by his grandchildren according to their website.


a picture of him from the restaurant menu.


a simple table setting and polypropolene monobloc chairs, all in black.


i was dining alone but i craved for this “flying” tilapia when i saw it in the menu.


deep-fried and was given “wings”, hehe! with three sauces – chili-garlic, honey-bagoong, and soy vinegar.


also had some ginataang sigarillas with tinapawinged beans cooked in coconut milk and topped with smoked tinapa.


for dessert, suman latik! three pieces in the shot glasses weren’t enough and i wanted more actually.


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the next day, my parents and siblings visited me at azumi hotel and i invited them for lunch in the same restaurant.  here’s the food that we shared.


fried lumpia ubod  is fried heart-of-palm served with pinakurat vinegar.


tinapa roll  is shredded tinapa with red eggs and tomatoes in a lumpia wrapper.


meatless tortang talong is eggplant omelet cooked with minced tofu and onions.   


lumpia hubad is steamed vegetables with two sauces (peanut sauce and garlic sauce).


tuna sisig is gen san (general santos city) tuna belly cooked with sisig sauce   


beef kaldereta with keso de bola chunks is stewing beef sautéed in olive oil and garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes, then slow-cooked in tomato sauce and sprinkled with keso de bola .


pasta pilipino  is spicy tuyo pasta with red eggs and fresh tomatoes.  this was my personal fave.


pansit puti bihon noodles cooked in olive oil and garlic chips, with shrimp, chicken, green onions, and hard-boiled eggs.


penne carbonara with vigan longganisa has rich creamy sauce with parmesan cheese, sprinkled with vigan longganisa .


they have this cakes and tried their sans rival too – taste just average, i think too buttery.


café romulo in azumi hotel is old-fashioned filipino comfort food at it’s best!  i’m satisfied with the food, the affordable pricing and their service.  will surely go back!

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