emirate chronicles: ajman museum

the place i stayed in when i was in uae was not actually in dubai but in ajman.  ajman is about a 45-minute drive to dubai.  one of the things i did when i was there was visiting their museum which is housed in an old fortress. 

there is a small entrance fee to go inside the museum and as i paid, i asked the guy who was giving out the tickets if it was okay to take pictures and he said it was.

the fort was built in the late 18th century which served as the ruler’s palace and during the 70’s, was the town’s police station.  it was then transformed as a museum, dedicated to the people of the united arab emirates.

this life-sized figure welcomed me which heightened my curiosity.  the fort used to be the police station, so this piece of wood as displayed was most likely being used in offenders which serves as their punishment.

getting one’s feet trapped like that is considered torture.  i guess that is their way before to cut back on crime. 

there was one room in the museum where they presented traditional professions of the past.  i took some photos of the wax figures which i found interesting.

artifacts discovered in an ancient burial site in al mowayhat are also exhibited in one of the rooms in the museum. 

these objects dates back to the bronze age and it is said the the site where they were found is about 5,000 year old.

a burial jar, where the remains of a child and funeral gifts were found. 

ajman museum is situated on the east side of the central square, and is open saturday to thursday 0900-1300 and 1600-2100, closed during fridays.