punta de fabian

i was looking for a place to visit last week near our home in rizal so i searched the net for resorts in the vicinity and i found punta de fabian, a resort within a hilltop in the town of baras.

going to punta de fabian takes about an hour and a half drive east from the metro.  the 3-hectare resort offers the amenities needed for a short weekend stay that includes a restaurant, poolside & scenic deck bar, wi-fi internet access and a videoke bar.

there were a number of people who were staying at the resort when i was there.  a private conference was also ongoing for the resort is also ideal for business matters like team building, meetings and  banquets.

the guest rooms have terraces where one can enjoy a scenic view of laguna de bay.  the room rate includes a set breakfast for two but do not expect too much on the food that they serve though for they offer very few choices.  i ate bangus steak and pancit for dinner and daing na bangus for breakfast (i almost turned into a milkfish, lol!) for as i have said there was not too much to choose from their menu.

the resort staff is friendly and that comes out naturally for people who are originally from rizal.  they have this distinct tone when they speak tagalog like the ones from bulacan.

you can visit their website at www.puntadefabian.com .