camel milk

in my 10 things i have not done before list, one of them is for me to drink camel milk. i have worked in the mideast for nearly six years where camels are a common sight but have always been curious on how does their milk taste like.  i have asked co-workers who are saudis and they told me it’s the same as cow’s milk, but more nutritious and it’s good for the tummy because they say it will help cleanse it – meaning you’ll end up with a bad case of diarrhea?  😀

the other day while i was at a grocery store here in ajman, i saw this:

the ones being sold in the store are flavored, they have chocolate, strawberry, date and saffron. i chose date and saffron for they are unique flavors. i drank it when i got home and it does taste good specially the sweetness of the date flavor. next time i’ll try to look for an unflavored one to really distinguish the taste of camel milk from cow’s milk.


i found an unflavored camel milk the other day in another grocery store and when i tasted it, i really did not like it.  it’s either my brain is telling my tastebuds that it won’t be good as cow’s milk, hehe.