malinta tunnel

malinta tunnel is located beneath the malinta hill in corregidor island.  it is a tunnel complex that includes a series of lateral tunnels.  the tunnel used to serve as a bunker for corregidors’ personnel and was also equipped with a hospital during the war.




staying overnight at corregidor inn will give you a chance to walk in with a tour guide in the hospital laterals inside the tunnel on the next morning.  malinta means “full of leeches” in tagalog.

la artilleria

one of the main attractions of the island of corregidor were the gun emplacements.  it is said that 23 batteries (artilleries) were set up by the americans for their defense mission.  it consisted of 56 coastal guns and mortars and 13 anti-aicraft artillery batteries with 76 guns – all of which were strategically located around the island.


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ruins of corregidor

when the americans took over corregidor they built and spent millions of dollars for the completion of their structures and buildings such as the mile-long barracks, warehouses, schools, a hospital and even a movie theater – made of steel and concrete which all turned into ruins.  i was wondering how corregidor looks like before as i took pictures.





early morning the next day of my stay at corregidor, i was able to visit what was left of the 1,000 bed capacity hospital of the island.  the tour guide said on aerial view it is shaped as a cross.



of all the ruins in corregidor, the hospital is the one that gave me an eerie feeling.  i would not dare to walk on these empty hallways alone even in daylight . . it’s just creepy.