creamy egg mayo sandwich

i think one of the best sandwich shops is oliver’s super sandwiches. back in my call center agent days (yes, i was!) my sister was working at tektite west in ortigas center and where i work was just a block away. there is a branch of oliver’s at tektite so twice a week i get a treat of free sandwich – care of my loving dear sister. it was either salmon, crabsticks or the classic creamy egg mayo. creamy egg mayo sandwich is easy to prepare and here is how i make one.

prepare two hard-boiled eggs. in a small bowl, combine two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of cream cheese, and a tablespoon of melted butter, a little salt and pepper. using a fork mix all ingredients, add the hard-boiled eggs and mash it with the mixture until you make a creamy consistency.

slightly toast three slices of whole wheat bread. on a plate, put some fresh lettuce on one slice of bread, spread half of the egg mayo mix, top with the second slice of bread, do the same as the first layer, spread the remaining half of egg mayo mix and top with the last slice of bread. cut diagonally.

so, there goes rob’s creamy egg mayo sandwich. enjoy! 🙂