i was at a young age when my father left to work abroad, i did not understand then why he chose to leave us.  everytime i see an airplane in the skies, i thought my father is on that plane and i shout “tatay! tatay“! (father! father!), waving my hands till it was out of my sight.

my parents sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings, i know it wasn’t that easy for them being apart.  my mother used to cry when she arrives home coming from the airport after my father leaves again to go back to work.  she usually goes straight upstairs in our small two-storey rented house and after a while i will follow her and i’ll see her weeping.  all i can do was sit beside her.  i knew she’ll be missing him again.

my father is not perfect, but i can say that he truly loves us, his family.  it is very fortunate for me that he is my father, i wouldn’t choose anyone else.

happy father’s day, “tatay“..  i love you.